Choreography is the art of creating a fight scene for a play or movie

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Choreography in Martial Arts movie fight scenes

There are martial arts fight scenes that earn their reputation through sophisticated choreography. And then there are those that will be remembered for their iconic nature. We look back at the best fight scenes that considered to be the best and the most iconic ones.
The first martial arts fight scenes we look at is Tang Lung vs. Colt in The Way of The Dragon. Tang Lung played by Bruce Lee, is trying to defend his family and friends from a local Roman mafia. But this proves to be a problem as the mob Lieutenant “Ho” hires a foreign martial artist to solve the problem, a karate fighter, Colt played by Chuck Norris. Tang and Colt have their epic fight scenes in the halls of the Colosseum. For a while, Colt holds the upper hand but Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee, so losing was never an option for him. Even though the fight scenes were dated by today's standard, the awesomeness of seeing one of the greatest martial arts fight scenes battle it out one-on-one will never be forgotten.
Another martial arts fight scenes we look at is the movie, The Legend of Drunken Master where Wong-Fei-hung played by Jackie Chan, takes on an army of ax-wielding thugs. The Legend of Drunken Master is the sequel to the 1978 classic movie Drunken Master. The fight scenes offers a sense of both fun and skill in it's fight choreography.
And to top off the list of the best martial arts fight scenes is the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Most of the martial arts movie stars male artist but ladies can be just as formidable as guys. Spoiled rich girl Jen Yu played by Ziyi Yhang, her immaturity brings chaos to the lives of aging martial arts warrior Li Mu Bai played by Chow Yun-Fat and Yu Shu Lien played by Michelle Yeoh. Despite the warriors' great patience, Jen pushes a delicate situatuion to dire straits, and Yu Shu Lien is the one who steps up to put the young girl in her place by way of one of the best fight scenes. Using about every weapon in a warrior's dojo against “Green Destiny”, a legendary sword stolen by Jen from Li Mu Bai, Yu Shu Lien helps brash Jen seperate the fantasy of being a warrior from harsh reality.

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