Tips on steps for writing a good fight scene

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Writing Fight Scenes

Action is really something that has pumped up everyone ever since movies were created. And in action movies, those who have watched will never forget amazing fight scenes that were in it. It all seems real and that’s what’s amazing with these fight scenes.
Fight scenes are definitely fake to begin with. Of course you wouldn’t risk valuable people to get hurt when doing fight scenes that’s why just simply righting the fight scene takes time, focus and steps to follow.
In writing a scene where fighting is involved, determining the people who are going to be acted in that scene is extremely important. It won't be a very enjoyable read if your hero is a far better fighter than his opponents. A respected opponent makes for a good fight. Mindless goons getting mowed down get boring fast because it really does lack that action and just giving away the good stuff of the protagonist. Have the opponent pull surprises to give tension to viewers.
Real fighters don't stop to make speeches at each other. In real life, while the adrenaline is pumping, people won't have the energy to compose devious and witty lines. Swearing is common, instinctive and often violent. When someone gets kicked in the jaw, or hit with a headbutt, they rarely just shrug it off as though nothing has happened. When your hero gets hit, make sure your readers can ""feel"" the hit. Making it real is important as this will be a huge factor as to if the fight scene is going to give the viewers that feeling of being pumped.
Consider also the sentences you’re going to use. Whether you will give a short sentence or a long; or even a more detailed sentence or not; is up to you as long as you think about its effects to the viewers. Also, there are dozens of different ways that you could write a good fight scene and each author needs to come up with one that works for their writing. Develop your style as this will determine your progress in this line of work.
The fighting isn’t the only important thing In a fight scene. Remember, details are important especially after the actual fight. Whether how you’re characters look after the fight, will show how great the fight was and how realistic it was. Once you’ve set your mind on these reminders, it is time to practice and practice in writing that awesome fight scene of yours.

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