Angling is very important to make a fake fight scene look real.

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Making a Fight Scene for a Movie

Movies have a large impact to people especially those who are fanatics and are always eager to watch movies. That’s why the fight scenes that creates the feeling of tension and excitement in a movie is extremely important to the outcome of a movie.
A fight scene needs to be realistic. Especially if it’s a movie, then the better the fight scene, the better the viewer’s feedbacks will be. But more importantly, never erase the word “fake” in your mind when you’re doing the movie. Keep it real to the viewers, but fake on your side. It may be confusing but once you think of it, you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying.
What matters the most in making that fight scene ad what will determine the fake and real is the angling of the camera. Well, the camera is the one that sees it all, so making it look real while being a fake fight scene, will definitely hitch a great ride to the success of your movie. Angling the camera right will make fake punches and kick seem realistic even when it’s not. A fake punch or kick should never actually touch the other actor. Keep the punches and kicks at least 5 cm away from actors.
Well, reminding the actors about this and some certain tips will add to the greatness of that fight scene. When an actor gets fake punched, they must react as if they were really hit. The reaction will determine the effectiveness of your fight scene so it will extremely be important. If they get fake punched in the head, they should throw their head back. In the gut, stumble back with hands on mid-section.
You may also use technology to stir up a little bit of effects and make that fight scene more awesome and realistic than ever. You can do the scene slowly and speed it up later with a movie editing software such as Adobe Premiere. It is not necessary to shoot the whole scene in the same sequence as you want it to appear. Good use of editing software is essential to creating a good fighting scene.
The background music is also necessary to a fight scene. This will create a better scene that will pump up the mood. Also, never lose patience. Making a movie is not a simple thing and if the fight scenes definitely look fake the first time, chill and just take the scenes over and over again until it satisfies your taste.
Fight scenes play a huge role especially to action movies and even fantasy. Though it may be hard to make a fake look real, with just the right way, you can do it and what do you know, maybe you’ll get famous for it.

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