Here are tips that will help you make a better fight scene

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Tips in shooting a fight scene

Well, shooting a fight scene isn’t easy. You need to make it realistic for it not to garner hate from the viewers. Well, some viewers may be judgemental, that’s why it is important to give all your utmost effort in doing a fight scene for your movie or short play to not garner any hate from them.
Shooting a fight scene is completely different than shooting a scene driven with only conversations and alike. More preparations are to be made, and more acting are needed to be thoroughly reviewed before actually showing off the movie. So some tips are somewhat necessary in order for you to get your scene rolling and off without a hitch.
First is, if all of your cuts were turning out very choppy, or they didn’t flow then you can fix this with sound design and quick cutting, but don’t let it be your only resort. Also, add recoil to the hits and punches taking in action in your movie. If you watch old school martial arts movies, especially Bruce Lee, then you’ll notice that every time they punch someone their fist recoils back. By adding this subtle movement to your actors hits it makes the punches impact appear much more powerful and makes the character look as if they are really strong.
Also, you may want to shoot the whole fight scene wide then afterward shoot the close ups. This tip is especially true with Martial Arts fighting, because seeing the fight wide is what makes it appear so impressive and really showcases your actor/actresses talent. Also, if you don’t have a wide angle of your fight then you are forced to work with what you have and run the risk of appearing choppy or even worse the fight could appear to disorienting to the audience.
Actors and actresses also play a huge role in the scene. Make them focus on the opponent as it will look more realistic that way. Move your camera with the movements as it will add more effect to the fight scene.
Simple tips like this may contribute to a better fight scene for your movie. Though it may look easy, the way you’ll do it still matters as it will deeply affect the outcome of your fight scene and the movie itself. But nevertheless, enjoy what you’re doing and never lose patience while in the process.

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