Here are some steps and tips in staging and shooting a fight scene

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Staging and Shooting a fight scene for a film

Making a fight scene look real is definitely hard. There are many contributing that factors that you need to make sure is present and doing a good job to get an outcome that will satisfy every viewers. The pressure itself when making the film gives a blow to the staging and shooting of a fight scene. This is why there are certain intricate steps that one must deeply follow in order for your scene to take effect and succeed.
If you’re the director of the movie, then get your butt off and start working as the fight scene will surely get a lot more interesting with more effort. Firstly, you should choose and meet your stunt coordinator. Give details to him about the fight scenes and make sure it is complete. Explain how you want it to be so he may show you some actual moves that may satisfy you.
Once you’ve finished preparations, then shoot the beginning of the scenes first. Follow with the block/light/rehearse/shoot scenario, you block and shoot everything up to the fight first. On the set, the two actors, two stunt doubles and the Stunt Coordinator should block out the fight sequence. You then discuss the first shot with the DOP and rehearse that specific shot with the actors and/or doubles. Once this is done, the DOP will light the shot while the Stunt Coordinator takes the actors and stunt doubles off set to further practice the fight. Next is probably that the Stunt Coordinator will the fight scene with the actors and the doubles. You should watch this rehearsal process for specific camera angles and make comments regarding action and movement. Then, the Stunt Coordinator will now show the crew the fight sequence with the stunt doubles and the actors. He then sets up the first part of the fight and you rehearse that with the camera.
Next is the actual shooting. Shoot the first part of the fight scene and continue the process until it is over. Also, remember to not overdo it. Don’t just put in everything that may look good. Remember, too much may often be bad. Last tip is to to have the camera circling the actors; this is optional, but looks good when the scene is finished.
This steps aren’t really that hard to understand, what’s hard is to do them perfectly which will greatly contribute to the outcome of your movie. Fight scenes are great, that’s why it is better to give off some effort that surely will pay off once you release you film.

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