Writers often forget things that effect the realism of a fight scene

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Things writers forget when writing Fight Scenes.

Well, the writers experience and knowledge sure calls a lot of effects to the actual scene. That’s why writers are somewhat more knowledgeable than people as it is necessary in their line of job. The pressure to make that entirety of film, perfect and cool still contributes to them forgetting some things while writing especially the fight scenes of a movie.
Fight scenes, as often said needs to be realistic. In writing these fight scenes. Extreme knowledge is needed by the writer to get something realistic and a lot of details is involved more than what you think. This is where writers seem to take their mistakes. Often, when writing, writers put some technical details in the script. Well, if you’re not technical and don’t know the details of fighting, you shouldn’t try to write about them. Some writers try to include technical details of fighting, which only calls out their lack of expertise. If you have less knowledge about the scene, don’t go off putting something you’re not sure of. Put less and focus more on the fighting itself.
Also, a lot of writers have less knowledge in actual injuries, or maybe they just simply forgot it. Often, people can’t be knocked out by a single punch but in movies, they do. Also, there are cases when a character is extremely injured and the next day, he is miraculously healed. Well, it may make sense for the movie but in realism it gets zero.
There’s also lack of visceral data. Battles are disgusting and stenches are surely all over the place. These details are often left out and it lessens the realism of the fight scene. Characters are also engaged in a heavy combat once in a fight scene. Putting them in a dialogue once in combat is actually not possible when in a real fight as people often tend to focus on the actual fight itself.
One common mistake is the progress of the fighter himself. There’s no one who can be as good as Bruce Lee or other action stars in just one day. So you should always take that in account as it may earn negative feedbacks from viewers. There’s also the case where weapons are an issue to a fight scene. Be sure to research on some weapons before you do make them appear in your fight scene.
Fight scenes are cool when done properly. Needless to say, you should have the knowledge to back up that imagination of yours as to make the fight scene look more realistic not only to your eyes but also to the ones who are going to watch it.

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