Martial arts movies are known for the amazing fight scenes

Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies
Fight Scenes: The Defining Factor of Action Movies

Martial arts movie fight scenes

One of the best things in Martial Arts movies is of course the fight scenes. Martial arts films were a bridge between different cultures before the international cinemas gained the sort of foothold it has today in the U.S. Here are a few examples of fight scenes which are considered to be the best in memory because it has impressive fight choreography, it was a sheer scale of battle or rather it featured iconic martial arts master fighting against one another.
The first on the list of one of the best fight scenes is the movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves as Neo and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. Aside from the actors showing us their martial arts ability, the climactic battle between hacker-turned-hero. It included that only the best fight scenes do: great dialogue and character development.
Another list of one of the top fight scenes is in the Kill Bill Volume 1 movie where The Bride starring Uma Thurman takes on of the main villain's gang The Crazy 88. While there have been some legendary one-on-one fight scenes in the movie, it's a lot of difference when you take on a whole army of enemies alone. There was a lot of doubt that Thurman can do fight scenes like this, let alone become a martial arts action superstar. All of that changed when Thurman drew katana sword and took on the eighty-eight members of O-Ren Ishii's, played by Lucy Liu, yakuza army. She also battles the psycho teenage bodyguard Gogo Yubari, played by Chiaki Kuriyama.
And to round off the list of one of the best fight scenes in Yu Lan played by Jackie Chan and The Silent Monk played by Jet Li in the movie The Forbidden Kingdom. It is a martial arts adventure film made by the same guy who directed the Lion King movie. It contains one of the most epic fight scenes between the two martial arts movie legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li. When the drunken immortal Lu Yan enters the temple of the silent monk, they both have a misunderstanding in the form of a martial arts brawl. While the choreography of fight scenes is a little bit silly, seeing both of these iconic actors share the screen makes up for it.

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